Web Programming Services

Idyll Mountain can provide custom CGI and Perl programming to handle your interactivity needs, as well as installing existing software for your use.

Examples of our programming work include:

Database design and access
[Example: The Virtual Dog Show]
Specialized search engines
[Examples: Legal Research Network,]
Custom Order/Response Forms
[Examples: Internet Rent-A-Car]
Mailing list interfaces
[Example: Idyll Mountain Mailing Lists]
Rotating Sponsors
[Examples: The Virtual Dog Show,]
...and more!
Custom programming is available at a standard rate of $75.00 per hour.
The following items have set prices:

Rotating sponsor bar or picture                 $30.00
Bulletin Board                                  $65.00
Automatically updating index of files           $30.00
Custom order form and response script           $30.00
For more information, please send email to

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