Web Marketing Services

It's not enough to merely put a site up and wait for it to work for you; in order to be effective, a website must be properly marketed and advertised on the Internet.

This is one of the core services provided by Idyll Mountain Internet -- making sure people can find your site when they need it!

Our Internet marketing services include:

  • Submitting your site to the major search engines
  • Seeking out specialty search engines and index sites suited to your industry or product
  • Creating keywords and descriptions to uniquely identify your site
  • Helping you choose a memorable and easy-to-use domain name for your site
  • Complete integration with your existing off-line marketing plan
  • Charting your website's effectiveness through the use of server statistic logs
  • Providing you with reliable and trustworthy advice on where to spend your online advertising dollars
  • Analyzing the design and content of your site, to maximize marketing potential
  • Periodic re-evaluation and resubmittal of your website as necessary
  • On-site promotional events and attention-getters to draw repeat visitors back to your website
  • Recommendations for off-line promotional opportunities and strategies for your site

If you have an existing website that isn't giving you the performance you hoped -- give us a call or send email, and we can quote you a competitive rate for bringing your online marketing efforts up to speed. Our phone number is 714.526.5656, and our email address is

Note: Idyll Mountain Internet never engages in, promotes, or condones the use of unsolicited commercial email (SPAM).

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