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At Idyll Mountain Internet, we're not just in the business of making money; we're in the business of making the Internet more fun to use, and bringing people together. We spend as much of our time on our non-paying projects as we do on our clients.

Listed below are some of the projects we've worked on (or are working on) as part of our desire to contribute to the Internet community as a whole.

Special Projects

Virtual Dog Show
The Internet's first (and only) online dog show -- view the results of the previous shows, or enter your dog in the current show!
[concept, design, programming, hosting, and marketing]

Idyll Mountain MUSH
Online realtime interaction, chatting, and exploration in a multimedia hypertext environment
[concept, MUSH coding, design, hosting, site administration, and marketing]

DC Universe MUSH
Idyll Mountain Internet is proud to be the host of DCU MUSH, the current incarnations of LegionMUSH (founded by IMI owner Kynn) and All-Star MUSH, as well as World's Finest MUSH, with roleplay featuring characters from DC Comics!
[concept, MUSH coding, hosting, site administration, and figurehead deity services]
An index to everyone and everything in Fullerton that you can find on the web!
[concept, cataloging, programming, design, hosting, and marketing]

Non-Profit Sites

Living Free
A non-profit animal sanctuary in the San Jacinto mountains of Southern California.
[design, hosting, and marketing]

Information Pages

Rec.Arts.Comics Usenet Groups FAQ Site
We provide web and ftp space for the FAQs for the comics newsgroups as a service to the community, as well as a mailing list for the FAQ maintainers
[ftp site, mailing list, and hosting]

The Chapman Building
Idyll Mountain Internet is located in a historic Fullerton building; read about it here!
[design, research, and hosting]

Tibetan Mastiffs
Learn about this ancient breed of Himalayan guard dogs
[design, research, and hosting]

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hedgehogs
Award-winning page about those prickly but cute animals
[design, research, and hosting]

Also see our Clients page for more examples of our work!

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