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IMI is a small company, and we like it that way, because we can offer personalized attention to our customers. You won't be shoved off to some faceless employee of a monolithic corporation; at Idyll Mountain, you know who you're dealing with.

From time to time, there may be career opportunities available for those who would like to join us on this page.

Let's meet the Idyll Mountain team:

[Picture of Liz]

Liz Bartlett
Chief Operations Officer, Web Designer

Liz runs the business aspects of the business -- billing, client relations, user support, and stacks of paperwork -- and also designs the majority of Idyll Mountain's websites, with Maria's assistance. She is from the United Kingdom and has a background in engineering. Liz's speciality is designing sites using PHP and PostgreSQL.

[Picture of Kynn]

Kynn Bartlett
Chief Technologist, Web Programmer

Kynn does most of the programming and server maintenance necessary to keep Idyll Mountain functioning, and also online and offline marketing. He is also available for on-site seminars and traning in web accessiblity techniques for WAI and Section 508 conformance. Unlike Liz, Kynn is a native of Southern California. Kynn is also a Past President of the HTML Writers Guild and teaches the Guild's online course in accessibility. Kynn is a published author, specializing in the topics of Web Accessibility, CSS, XML and the Mac OS X operating system.

[Picture of Maria]

Maria Moreno
Office Assistant, Graphic Designer

Maria helps Liz keep the office functioning smoothly. Her skills are in graphics design, and she performs many of the scanning and image manipulation necessary for our client sites, as well as the Virtual Dog Show. Maria is also actively learning Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver and creates many of the concept designs for new client sites.

[Picture of David]

David Waller
Site Maintenance Specialist

David helps out with updating our existing client web sites during periods of high demand. With a background in HTML, David is able to work with Laura to make changes and additions to sites, keeping them up to date. David is also able to program in Perl, PHP, SQL, Flash and VisualBasic. David's background is in Philosophy, and while not working for IMI he teaches classes at the undergraduate level at several California colleges.

[Picture of Diane]

Diane Parker
Customer Service Support

Diane works part-time for Idyll Mountain producing our customer support materials, collecting testimonials, and monitoring the site statistic reports for our clients on a monthly basis. Diane has a background in Chamber of Commerce management, and has two wonderful children, Brian and Jennifer.

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